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The Light of Lúnasa

The Light of Lúnasa Offical Cover.jpg

A Curse…


Confessing to her brother’s death was always going to land Clíona Murphy in a mental institution. It wasn’t possible after all, to move things with your mind.


Upon release, she quickly kills her next accidental victim—the mayor. Fleeing the scene of an entire town of bystanders, she stumbles into a portal to ancient Ireland—a place where she’s not the only one with powers.


A Love…


Tried as a spy and stuck in this strange world, a warrior and protector of the people comes to her rescue; Caolann. When he’s not wanting to stab her heart out, he’s plotting ways to steal it. Doesn’t he know she’s not capable of love? 

But perhaps he has another motive?


A Trial…


Struggling to stay alive, things get worse when she learns children are vanishing without a trace. The opportunity to find redemption for her brother’s death is clear now; Enter the Tuatha Dé Danann’s trials where a competitor’s only defense is their sword and power. The prize of triumph is the granting of a single wish—find the children. 

But first, she must embrace the darkness that killed her brother, or be left with more blood on her hands.


Powerless meets Throne of Glass in Laura Foley’s The Light of Lunasa, an epic fantasy novel filled with magic, lore, a gripping mystery, and finding love after loss.

Flourish by the Night

Áine is a live-in employee at a Dublin B&B where when not serving, she moonlights as a free-spirited feminist looking for a good book or occasionally—a better one-night-stand.

Fionn is a recovering gambling addict hoping to start fresh after spending time in rehab. A stark opposite to Áine, he’s an optimist who believes anything is possible—even falling in love over a single night.

When Fionn walks into Áine’s run-down B&B on a rainy night, six years since their disastrous last meeting in school, they don’t even remember each other. That is until Fionn gets locked out of his room, and they’re forced to spend the night together. As memories come rushing back, good and bad, conversations of their difficult childhoods and new ambitions quickly take a backseat to resurfacing feelings. But just as Áine considers this being their second chance, Fionn admits he’s emigrating to Australia come morning. It’s ‘right person, wrong time’ all over again.

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